Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Perogy Boyz Food Truck

This is a food truck that the husband has been wanting to check out for a while and we finally did it on a drizzly day near the university.  After seeing Perogy Boyz Food Truck on Eat Street, it seemed like it would be a good opportunity to try unique perogy fillings that aren't easily found at restaurants or stores (side note: the husband really, really likes cottage cheese perogies but has not found them readily available in Calgary - any suggestions?).  The irony is that in the end, the husband went with the traditional perogies so that he could see how they fared against past perogies he's had.

Considering the fact that getting a perogy fix in Calgary is limited, the husband deemed his traditional perogies to be good; however, they didn't necessarily taste that different from our favourite store-bought perogies.  The wife's perogies were more uncommon although she was confused at first because she forgot that the sauerkraut was a filling and not a topping.  The strange thing is that she didn't realize this until a few perogies later, which meant that there was almost no taste differentiation between the sauerkraut perogies and the traditional perogies.  Despite this, we did appreciate the amount of bacon and sour cream we received which lasted until the end of our meal.  The sausages on the other hand were a little small for our liking and accompanied by a mustard that was so strong that we abandoned it.

While the meal was filling enough for a lunch, we did find it to be quite costly and the wait time was much too excessive as it was 45 minutes of standing in light rain, something that might not even happen in a sit-down restaurant (the time it took, not the weather conditions).  Since most people get a limited amount of time for lunch, Perogy Boyz needs to become more efficient in order to attract and retain the lunch crowd.

The husband's traditional perogies and knackwurst sausage.
The wife's sauerkraut perogies and Kielbasa sausage.
Seafood-free friendliness: What's positive about Perogy Boyz is that they don't have seafood on the menu at all.  What's negative is that it felt like we were paying "market price" for our food and waiting for them to catch it live.

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