Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Hello, nice to meet you

We're a husband and wife that love eating out and enjoying the great foods of our city with one exception - seafood.  The reason is that the wife has a life-threatening allergy to seafood which can lead to anaphylaxis.  Thus, the husband cannot partake in seafood unless he wants to risk becoming a widower (and at his young age, that's much too soon).  Needless to say, with that huge category of food being off-limits, we've had to become a little more creative and assertive when we dine out.  This blog is meant to chronicle our journey in finding good seafood-free eats where we live!

To be honest, with our professions (both of which have absolutely nothing to do with food), it's more likely that we would be dining at chain restaurants, diners, the occasional food truck, and random food stops as opposed to five-star gourmet restaurants (or quite frankly, restaurants with any star).  With that being said, we still like trying new things and hunting down the best of our favourites.

In starting this blog,
  • We want to celebrate the restaurants that have been friendly to us as seafood-allergy sufferers.
  • We want to bring awareness to the fact that fish, crustacean, and shellfish allergies should be taken very seriously (just like with gluten and nut allergies).
  • We not-so-secretly hope that restaurants will begin to make small changes that would make a world of difference to people like us so that dining out remains a positive experience.
  • We want to have fun remembering our adventures :)
And now, to eat!

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