Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jelly Modern Doughnuts

The third course in our adventures following Holy Crepe Food Truck and Big Cheese Poutinerie was the dessert round.  The husband surprised the wife by taking her to Jelly Modern Doughnuts, which was a nice finale to their meal.  Since we were both full, we only ordered the three-bite doughnuts but they did leave us wanting more.  The husband had the s'more doughnut (as depicted on the left) and the wife had the Nenshi's salted caramel doughnut (as depicted on the right).  A pleasant surprise for both of us was finding that neither doughnut was as sweet as we feared; we didn't really want to feel as if we ate blocks of sugar even if it was dessert.

Oh no - we didn't notice that this was blurry either but that just means we'll have to go back.
Seafood-free friendliness: Jelly Modern Doughnut does not have any seafood on the menu - which one would probably expect - making it very friendly for allergy-sufferers.  Hooray for dessert (although they do have sandwiches as well)!  According to their menu, they only offer chicken salad and egg salad for their sandwiches, which makes us very happy as cross-contamination between egg salad and tuna salad seems to happen more frequently than it should (which in our eyes means never).  We hope to return for larger doughnuts in a wider variety, possibly including a sandwich or two.

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