Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Past Eats: Red Wagon Diner

While we only thought of creating this blog yesterday, we have definitely been trying to eat our way through our city long before then.  Unfortunately, we haven't always taken pictures but we did find one from Sunday, May 6, 2012 when we came across the Red Wagon Diner in the East Village.  This new Calgary food truck serves one thing, and one thing well - Montreal smoked meat.  That alone caught our attention, especially since the wife once lived four blocks away from a pretty neat little place in Montreal called Schwartz's (perhaps you've heard of it?).

Although we know that the Red Wagon Diner does not compare to Schwartz's, it's much, much better than our attempts to make the famous sandwiches, plus you get a generous portion of meat, soft rye bread that holds everything together, and a large pickle.  We saw them at the Calgary Lilac Festival but haven't caught up with them again as we don't work downtown so we're looking forward to our next encounter.

The traditional smoked meat sandwich - they ran out of the other specials but this one did not disappoint.
Seafood-free friendliness: We think this one speaks for itself :)  The menu does offer smoked salmon eggs benedict and salmon as an ingredient for their omelettes; however, we would assume that their breakfast menu is kept separately from their lunch menu.  For full assurance, it would probably be best to ask if the ingredients are handled separately within their truck (when we ate our meal, they only advertised their sandwiches).

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